Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Heifers come home.

Today we became a Red Angus ranch again.  The heifer calves that we sent to a feed lot last fall came home to be on pasture.  The grass has started to green, so it is time to get them back grazing.  We send the heifers to a feedlot because we do not have to labor to take care of them nor the extra feed to feed them.

Here comes the truck!  He as a pretty full load of around 70 head.
Here is a heifer looking out the portal of the truck.
  We unload the truck along the road because the corrals are full of sheep.  The heifers run helter-skelter when they come off the truck.  Then we hop on the four wheelers and get them in a bunch.
Here I am getting about seven head to the rest of the bunch.  They are really stupid when they gett off the truck.  They walk through fences, water, mud or anything else that might get in their way.

Here the heifers are exploring the deep side of a dug out.  The water gets really deep really fast so they have to swim.  Tammy and I got them chased to their pasture and they headed over the hill.  They keep makeing circles around their pasture until they get tired of running, then settle down and graze a little.

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  1. Heifers are DUMB!!!Haha They act just like teenage girls.