Sunday, November 15, 2015

Busy fall selling and weaning.

It has been a busy fall.  We got the lambs weaned.  Fed them for a month and sold most of them.  The guard dog "XENA" gets uneasy every time we work lambs and sell off some more lambs.  Her herd gets smaller and she gets anxious.

We got the calves vaccinated and have sold most of the steer calves.  The rest has gotten weaned.  Some of the bull calves looked nice coming in.  This one weighed almost 750 pounds coming off the cow.

We got the bred heifers brought in and sorted last week.  We will sell about 40 head and keep 35 to calve ourselves.  They have been running out in the north pasture and got a little muddy wading through the mud to get a drink.  Haven't fed them anything extra as the grass is still pretty green for mid November.

We took them part way one day as they are starting to look very pregnant.  Then brought them the rest of the way the next day..

The cows have settled down after the calves were weaned and are now down in their winter pasture.  We drove down to see how they were doing the other evening.  The old pets came on the run with their lips smacking for cubes.  Tammy had some cubes for them.  We haven't started feeding cubes yet and may not if the weather holds out nice.  But they remember from last year.

Ginger is quite insistent for her cubes.