Sunday, April 29, 2012

Got some rain

We got a nice rain over the weekend.  About .85" that came nice and gentle all day Saturday.  We are hoping that we may at least have some grass to start the grazing season.  The day it was drizzleing we had ten ewes lamb in an hour and a half about noon.  That kept us hopping and filled our jockey pens.  We set up more jockey pens.  Now we have about eighty-one jockey pens.  Takes a long time to feed and water them twice a day.  From Thursday evening till Saturday evening we had 45 ewes lamb.  Our son Marshall came out and helped us lamb.  He took a turn night lambing as we cannot get all the sheep in the barn so we have to watch and put newborn lambs in the barn right away.

On a brighter note our calving has went well.  We are about half done here.

Here are some cows and calves.  I need to move them to a different pasture so we can put ewes and lambs in their pasture.  We have one cow that is 1/4 Hereford, 1/4 Longhorn and 1/2 Red Angus.  Her calf is out of a Red Angus bull.  The calf is a heifer and would be 3/4 Red Angus and 1/8 Hereford and Longhorn.  This is the outcome.

Can you believe it?  Almost pure white. Red ears and a few red spots.  The mother of the cow (grand-mother of the calf) was on this place for eighteen years.  A long time for most cows..  We just sold her last year. Longhorns are known for their long productive lives.

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