Monday, May 28, 2012

Working on waterlines

Those of you who have been following this blog knows that livestock water has become a major concern. I have been working on getting a leak fixed in the pipeline that goes north.  We got the backhoe in last week and have been working on it since..  I think we finally got things fixed.  Tammy put on her insulated coveralls and came to help me and brought her camera.

We went up north to build a fence around the hydrant to keep the heifers from harming the hydrant and float.  The wind blew about 40 MPH most of the day and the temperature stayed at about 58 degrees.

We took all the lumber up to the tank we used the four wheeler.  Two dog came along and watched the proceedings.  On the way back Tammy took more pictures .

Here are two more pictures of  stock dams that are dry.  Last year at this time these dams were running over with water from all the rain we were having at the time. This dam is in the small pasture on the east side of the fields.

This picture is of the dam that is along the north side of the first pasture north.  The sheep are in this pasture and get their water from a pipeline and tank that is in the south end of that pasture.  The bird that is flying is a swallow.  They are not very big, but he sure looks big.

Notice the lack of green grass in this picture.  Last year we had a lot of growth of grass and all of the grass could not get grazed so we had lots of carry-over in old grass.  Normally this would be good because the growth would catch snow and use the moisture from the snow, but we had no snow.  Not much rainfall this year so far and not much green.

This is me standing next to an alfalfa plant in my hay field.  Normally these plants would be as tall as the top of my mud boots.  As it is the plants are hardly tall enough to cut for hay.  I think the plants over at Ryan's will be taller and we will get some hay to cut.

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