Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It was a hot day yesterday.  The ewes thought it was too hot to lamb, but they did anyway.  We must have had over twenty new mothers.  This was by far out biggest day this year.  Seth got his first chance to bring a new pair in to the jockey pens.  He did pretty good.  Then went out and brought some more in.
Today is supposed to be just as hot.  The shearer called and wants to shear the late lambers over at the other place.  You hate to say no to a shearer , so we will try to move panels and stuff over to the other place and still take care of the new mothers here.  It is a blessing to have good neighbors that will help us out of a tight spot.

Here is a new mother with twins.  She will be taken into the barn and the lamb's navels iodined, then placed in a jockey pen so they can mother-up.
Here is a ewe eating her pellets with her new born twins looking on.  We bed the pens with sawdust.  Saw dust is getting to be hard to find.  Saw dust is competing for wood pellets with the pellet stoves.  We got 80 bags of saw dust,but it took two trips to Belle Fouche to get them.

This is a neat picture that Tammy took of the inside of the barn.  It kind of shows jockey pens up close then pens that hold ten pairs then outside.  Sort of the flow through the barn.  It will probably be a will till I do this again, so I sign off.

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