Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring rain

We have had close to an inch of rain these last couple of days.  Things are muddy for the first time in a long time.  Saturday we got the cattle in here and sorted off the yearling heifers and steers from the cows to calf.  The yearlings went back into the pasture where they went over the hill and haven't been seen since.  I guess they are done eating hay for the year.  This is good. 

The cows went into a small pasture close to house.  I call it the milk cow pasture.  years ago the pasture would have held the milk cows.  They would have been close so they could be milked twice a day. Now we use the pasture holding the sheep close in bad weather and cows close when they calve.

Yesterday evening the first cow calved from this group.  It is a black cow with a black calf.  This is supposed to be a Red angus ranch so I took no picture of the new pair.  Maybe I will get a picture of the next ones.

The wind is howling and still raining off and on.  I was going to take some dry cows to Faith today to sell at tomorrows sale, but may wait for dryer weather tomorrow.

Tammy and Seth have been fixing the fence around the stack yards.  The fences have needed attention for several years.  Then we got the barn cleaned out.  It will dry out and we will re-bed the barn.  Re-bed is putting fresh straw in the barn so the new mothers have a nice bed to lay in.  So long until next time.

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