Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nice weather

The weather has been extremely mild. Been working in the shop, taking apart the old Belrus tractor to overhaul the engine or at least see if it is economically plausible to fix it.  Went to the Black Hills Stock Show Sunday to see the sheep shearing contest.  National Western (Denver) quit the shearing contest so the BHSS had the national Championship shearing for the first time this year.  There were many local and regional shearers. Also a young lady from California in the amature division.  She had the best looking pen for the whole contest. One guy just flew in from Austrailia. There were over forty shearers in three divisions.  The winner of the Junior division from Newell has sheared for the crew that shears for us the last four years.  In the Amature division there were four shearers in the finals and two were young ladies. The crowd on hand was nice crowd.  The bleachers at times were pretty full.  The announcers, while not professionalls were very informative and kept the crowd intrested. It was a fun event and should continue to grow.
Last night at 5:30 Pm the temperature was 35 degrees. By the time we went to bed the wind had come up and the temperature had risen to 47 degrees.

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