Sunday, January 22, 2012

Colder weather

The past week has seen much colder weather than we have been used to this winter.  Tempature readings in the -10 range and a stiff wind blowing with some snow falling.  We accumulated maybe 4 inches of fluffy snow..  Most of the winter I have fed four bales of hay every day.  But during the cold weather I had to increase the amount to six bales.  Over the course of the winter of 180 days this can make quite a difference.  The one stormy day I was in the house catching up on book  work.  Sending in paperwork for registering last falls calves.

One day we put the old Belrus tractor in the shop and started taking it apart.  I think it will need a crankshaft and maybe more.  We will have to see if it makes economic sense to fixit up.

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