Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Eyeing ewes

Sorted off the early (March) lambers.  They will be sheared in about 5 weeks.  The rest of the herd got the wool sheared away from their eyes, so they can see to eat and follow their buddies.  So the shearer came and eyed about 700 on Saturday and finished the others at the ridge.  Run through about 240 in an hour and a half.  Then we got to watch the finish of the Bronco's game.

  On Monday we got the summer calves in and casterated the bull calves.  We use a bander, so doesn't cause much discomfort.  We will be weaning these calves in three weeks and in March they will come over here and become "red sheep".  They will run with the ewes  till we get the sheep in to lamb.  They will eat grass all summer and will be sold in the fall hopefully weighing about 700 lbs.

  With the cold wind blowing today we are glad that we sold some old cows at Philip yesterday.  The market looked good.  I watched some on the internet.  Last week old ewes sold in Newell for $90 per cwt.  Unheard of.  When I was a young'un old ewes sold for $5 per cwt.

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