Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well maybe we are back to sort of normal .  Tammy made it home from China last Sunday.  She had called 3:20 PM Saturday afternoon she was leaving Hong Kong, on her way to Tokoyo then Minneapolis.  She arrived in Rapid City at 3:14 PM . Twenty four hours of travel.  I spent three days in Huron at the South Dakota Farmers Union convention.   Now we are trying to settle into a routine.  We will shear the March lambers tomorrow (Wednesday).  Then haul the wool to Belle Fouche to be stored until we shear the rest of the sheep.  Next week we will need to sort the bulls away from the heifers and chase them to the bull pasture. Then we need to put the first-calf heifers in the corral and get ready for the first calves around the first of March.  Shortly after that we will bring the cow herd the mile and half  home so they will be close when they start calving.  The fun but busy time of the year is begining.  The weather is trying to change.  It is cloudy and cool with a stiff breeze.  Tomorrow the wind is to blow 60 MPH.

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