Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I have been moving haystacks for the last month.  Ryan has been rebuilding corral.  Then a week ago we sold some steer calves.  The prices are really good, so that is good.

Tammy and I went up to get the cows here moved closer to home so they would be easier to get in when we weaned.  It was a cold morning when we decided to do this.  The cows were waiting at the gate to come home.

Then we drove around the pasture to make sure all the cow were included in the herd.  It took a while to drive all the pasture to make sure nobody was left behind.  Then we got all the bunches rounded up and headed to the gate.

As you can see it was cold.  Here Tammy had rode her four wheeler for close to an hour and she was ready for the trip home which was with the wind and so much warmer.  She didn't even smile for the camera as she sped by.  That was a grimace not a smile.

The next day we got the cows in and sorted off the calves and weaned all the calves.  Then hauled the calves over to Ryan's to wean  them.  The cow seam ready to be rid of their calves.  But they were hanging around the corrals this morning.

There were a few out in the pasture and they came filing home as they heard the tractor start and thought hay.  Here they single filed across the dam dyke in the morning sun.

Then I went over to Ryan's to check on the newly weaned calves.  Other than lots of bawling all seemed well.  Most were eating or had eaten and just missing mom.  In a few days they will start their new life as a weaned calf and will have forgotten their mother and their mother will forget them.

I finished moving hay stacks today and we sorted off some lambs to sell tomorrow.  So the fall work is winding down.  If the weather holds we will start some fencing projects that never got done last year because of  "Atlas".

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