Monday, September 29, 2014

Since the last blog we went to the South Dakota state fair in Huron, SD.  When we returned there had been and inch of rain and our sheep were getting out and running all over the place.  After several days of fixing fence and putting them back in they finally settled down.  It never looked like all the ewes and lambs.  Tammy ordered some sheep wormer from the animal health store and we got the sheep in and sorted the ewes and lambs and wormed everything.  We counted all the sheep out the chute gate and were short  87 ewes and 176 lambs.
Tammy rode with a local pilot and the they flew the next day for an hour and a half and saw nothing.  Then we called the sheriff and reported stolen sheep.

We went ahead and weaned the lambs.  These are some of the lambs that we have left.  Notice the red "B" on the shoulder of the lambs.  Some brands are faded and some are more visable.

Here are some of the ewes that are left.  Didn't get a very good picture, it should have showed the right side.

This is a picture of how high the sweet clover is above the hood of the four wheeler.  It is as thick as it can be and very hard to drive through.  If the sheep were driven to the south of our place they would have to go through this stuff. I don't think they could have been made to get through it, but we looked anyway.

I have been moving hay stacks off of the fields lately.  There is lots of hay stacks to move so have been busy.

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