Sunday, November 30, 2014

Early winter 2014

Winter has not been too severe on us and the livestock yet.  We had some below 0 weather a couple of weeks ago.  Then some snow.  It then warmed up enough to take most of the snow and ice off.  Now today as I write this it is back to 0 with a stiff breeze, that brings out the wind chill.

The other day we sorted off the heifers that were suitable for replacements and hauled them to a feedlot by Vale.

Here they are waiting for the truck to arrive.  We gave them virus shots when they were on their mothers last September. Then weaned them in October and gave them booster shots then.  So far they have been very healthy.

The truck is backed up to the chute and about ready to load heifers.

The last of the heifers loaded and they are off to Vale about 45 miles away.  They will winter there and they will come back in the spring when the grass is green and weather is warm.  Right now that seems like a long time.
After the heifers were loaded Tammy and Marshall brought the grand kids along back to finish feeding the sheep and the cows.  They had fun giving cake to the animals.

After they fed the sheep the cake buckets were re-filled and taken out to the cows so they could have some cake.

Then it was back to the house and some projects.

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