Sunday, December 30, 2012

Well the Christmas season has come and gone.  A few days before Christmas Grandma and I got in on decorating Christmas cookies with the grand kids.  Actually it went fairly fast as once the frosting started flying some cookies got lots of frosting and other less frosting. The candy eyeballs were great fun as some cookies got four or five eyeballs.

The weather got colder.  We had mornings that were minus 10 degrees.  Then it snowed steady for two days, Christmas eve day and Christmas day.  We hardly got and inch of snow out of these two days.  Very dry fluffy snow.  Luckily not much wind..

We had Christmas dinner here.  As it turned out we had nineteen people here.  The corn box was in the corner of the living room.  It is a low fiberglass sheep water tank with 100 lbs. of corn in it.  There was three to four kids in it most of the day.  Tammy roasted a prime rib from one of our critters.  She did an excellent job cooking it and I got to be the carver.

Then in the afternoon we took all the kids and anyone else out to give cake to the sheep.  Somehow they all had more fun than you could imagine.  Here a couple of kids get up close and personal with a llama.  Llamas like cake too.

Here is Tammy feeding the sheep and making sure everyone stays in the pickup and no one falls out and gets run over. It was cold and these kids don't dress very warm, I guess it isn't cool.

Tammy has been watching a covey of grouse that pick around in the field across the creek from the house.  There are only about six or eight birds.  This morning we had an unexpected visitor.  A red fox.  He was stalking our grouse.  I grabbed the camera and got a couple of pictures.  The one picture has a fox and a grouse.  Then the dogs saw him and the chase began.

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