Sunday, December 23, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

The four inches of snow that we go a couple of weeks ago still hangs around.  We have had some nice weather with temperatures in the mid thirties.  We needed to haul the heifers that we keep to the feedlot near Vale, SD.  We don't have the facilities to take care of them once we start calving. in March.  We have had them weaned for two months and now they are ready to go on to better feed.

This is the way it looked the day we hauled them to Vale.  Pretty foggy the whole way.  If we get weather 90 days after a fog like the old saying we will get a storm about mid March.  Should be a safe prediction.

We hauled the heifers up there with the trailer.  It took three trips.  It is about 45 miles.  Note the silage pile in the background.  This feedlot is fairly small, I think around 7,000 head and they mostly background replacement heifer calves.

Then I got a call one night asking what I was doing the next night.  I said not much of anything.  They wanted to know if I wanted to start my acting career?  They wanted a Santa Claus for the local school program.  So I practiced my HO HO HO's for a day and headed to the school program.

Then we went to the preschool Christmas program at Union Center.  We had two grand kids in the program.

Then the kids came over to make candy and cookies for Christmas.  Then decorate cookies, which is the most fun.  Then they helped decorate Grandma's tree.  All the decorations somehow ended up in one spot right in front.  Then they had to pose with the tree.

My Sister from Arkansas is coming up and stopping to bring my Mom who lives in Watertown along out for Christmas dinner.  So they will be here a few days. Our boy Marshall is coming out for Christmas.  He lives at Edgemont, but we don't see him much.  Sounds like the weather will be nice, maybe a little snow.


  1. Merry Christmas!! Hope the grandkids had fun in the corn box! :)

  2. Fun was had. The youngest was about 15 months old. he didn't quite know what to think. he was in then out then wanted back in. By the end of the day we had a 13 yr old in the corn box playing. Most of the fun was grandkids and a nephew who was 5.

  3. We took the kids and some adults out to cake the sheep in the afternoon. It was only about 10 degrees, but much fun was had. We took two pickups and Tammy let all the young kids from 3 to 13 have a chance at driving in the pasture. You should see the crooked tracks in the snow. She let all five of them have a chance. That was probably the most fun. My sister from Arkansas was along and laughed more than she thought she had in years.