Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 rainfall totals

I was looking through my book that I carry in pocket, to write all the stuff I need to remember.  I was looking and rainfall totals.  I wanted to add up all the rainfall totals to see how much rain we had had during the year.
January - none.
February - none
March  -  0.11"
April  -   five different rains that totaled  1.89"
May -  three rains  for  2.14"
June -  six rains for  1.43"
July  - four rains-  2.51"  late in month, didn't do much good
August - one rain  0.27"
September - none
October - one rain at 0.30"
November - none
December - about five inches of snow for 0.20"

All totaled about 8.85" for the year.  I think our annual total is somewhere around 14-16 inches per year.

It has been so dry on the "gumbo" that there has been no antelope for antelope season.  No deer for deer season.  No coyotes for coyote hunting.  I saw the first coyote two week ago.  Then I started carrying a rifle.
This morning while we were out caking the cows Tammy saw a coyote way down the draw.  Then we got to watching and saw another and then another all slipping down the draw.  I said tomorrow I will have to bring my longer range rifle.

Just had a call from KOTA radio wanting to have the name of someone who raises winter wheat.  He was wondering about the concern of lack of snow cover for the winter wheat crop.  I give him a couple names.  We do not raise winter wheat.  But the concern of lack of snow cover is very real.  Alfalfa is susceptible to lack of snow cover.  Also the lack of moisture in the ground is a concern.  The wind can suck the moisture out of the ground with the low winter humidity levels.

Now that the holiday season is over, we are starting to look at going back to work.  We need to number brand the first calf heifers.  Then get the sheep in and clip the wool from their eyes.  Then finish putting the loader on the Belrus tractor.  The weather will be nice for most of the upcoming week.

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