Sunday, July 29, 2012

The grand kids came over and played with the guard dog puppies for the last time.  We need them to bond with the sheep.  So we need to limit human contact with them.  They are a month old and the mother has started to wean them and we are feeding them puppy food.  They have been living under our house steps.  It is very hard to refrain from petting and playing with puppies when we go outside.

Tonight we took the puppies out to the sheep pasture.  We have three water tanks for the sheep.  All fed off of one water hydrant.  There are four sheep panels around the hydrant to protect the water hoses and floats that automatically shut off the water.  This is a good place to put puppies.  Hopefully it will be a while before they start chewing on the water hoses and make them leak.  In the morning they will be nose to nose with a sheep for the first time in their lives.  We made a shade for them to stay out of the heat of the sun.

Tomorrow Ryan will come over with his four wheeler  and we will get the yearling heifers and steers in the corral.  We will sort off the steers so Ryan can haul them to Philip to the sale.  Between the two of us there should be a trailer load.

Last week Ryan was chasing cows and his four wheeler quit.  The starter just spun the motor over like there was no compression.  We thought that a hole was blown in the piston because of the hot weather and lean fuel mixture.  I finally hauled the four wheeler to the shop last Saturday. After pulling the cowling off and the fuel tank I found that the spark plug had blown out.  When we tried to screw another in it wouldn't tighten.  The threads were bad.  So we went out back and found an old four wheeler.  This one was 13 years old and had quit several years ago.  The cylinder head looked like a match so we pulled it off and put it on the newer four wheeler.  So we got it running.  I told Ryan we were $80 an hour mechanics.

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