Monday, August 20, 2012

The past week I have spent moving hay stacks.  I help Ryan work on fence in the morning and I move haystacks in the afternoon when it is hot and I can sit in the air conditioned tractor.  I am moving hay from the place north of Union Center over to our place at Fairpoint.  The trip is 15 miles and it takes two hours to do a round trip.

This my loaded stackmover.  I haul 14 bales that weigh about 1050 to 1100 pounds.  My tractor will go about 24 miles and hour at top speed.  I have five cattle guards  to cross and several steep hills to climb so it keeps the trip interesting.  

We now have some chores to do in the morning and evening.. One corral has 90 lambs in that we bucket three pails of pellets to twice a day.  The other corral has the bucks or rams in.  There are about 24 head and most of them have big horns.  They know how to use them.  

We lure them into one corral then put the pellets in troughs in the next corral.  Then stand back and open the gate and hope no horn catches you as the go by on the run.  The one dominate ram we call Petunia.  He loves to sneak up behind a person and scare you when he shakes his horns at you.  He then innocently look the other way as if to say "not me, I didn't do anything"  One day I will get a good picture of Petunia.  His nose is skinned up most of the time from defending his title.

Sunday we got to take the grandkids to the Central States Fair in Rapid City.  They got to ride some rides and see the elephant.  We went through all the livestock barns and the kids barn twice. After several hours of fun we settled down for some refreshment.

In a few years they will be able to wear grandma and grandpa out.  Right now we can wear them out first.

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