Friday, July 27, 2012

Well we finally received some rain, then some more.  Monday evening we had lots of lightning and a hard shower of 1.15" rain.  Then Tuesday night it rained hard again. About washed the puppies away.  Just over an inch in the rain gauge.  The rain has broken the extreme heat we have been receiving. Must have been over a week with 100 degree plus.

Wednesday morning we went up to our north pasture to repair some water line that needed to be fixed before we can put cows in there.  We found  that we had had a prairie fire Monday night.

The burn was about a quarter mile long and not very wide.  The rain must have put it out.  We thought a new way to get cows to eat cactus.

Getting the water tank ready for cows and fixed a little fence.

This would be the dam to water the cows if we didn't have piped water.  I think most of this water run in with the rain we just had.

The lambs and calves look good in spite of the hot weather of the last couple of weeks.  Now if lamb prices would perk up.  Lamb prices have dropped 60% from last year.  We may have to try and hold lambs for a while if we can justify the extra feed.  By holding them the price may come up later in the year.

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