Thursday, February 23, 2012


Today was shearing day. The day started of sunny and windy.  Then it got cloudy and windyer.  Then in snowed and the wind blew, then the sun came out.  Later it was a full fledged blizzard for about five minutes.
Here a few sheared sheep next to some that will soon get to the shearing floor.  We had three shearers that sheared about four hours.

We got three sacks of wool with the help of three helpers pushing sheep and sacking wool.  One lady comes and gives her Border Collie dogs some practice with our sheep.  Her help is greatly appeciated because our dogs are not as patient and obeident as hers.  We also have to contend with the help of our guard dogs.  They really do not like us to mess with their sheep, but tollerate us, and we them.  The guard dogs can be in the way most of the time, but when we are not there they do guard the sheep.

As you can see he would be rather intimidating to a sneaky coyote.  His bark is worse than his bite, but the wiley coyote does not need to know that.

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