Saturday, March 23, 2013

Well March sort of came in as a lamb.  No moisture, but some wind.  Several snow storms went around us and left snow and icy roads in eastern South Dakota.  We stay dry.  By the middle of the month the daytime temperatures were up to 60 to almost 70 degrees.  Tammy went out and took soil temperatures.  The soil temperatures were 52 degrees.  When she tweeted that her corn farmer friends were jealous as it was warm enough to plant corn and they were under snow thinking delayed planting.

The heifers at Ryan's are about done calving and the cows are just starting.  Ryan got his first AI calf and it was a cold night with wind and he thinks the calf might have froze her ears.  It just wants to stay cold and windy. Last Monday it was 8 degrees in the morning with a stiff wind.  We go over to Ryan's every day and help tag calves but with just the heifers calving there is only one or two a day.  Now with the cows starting thing should get busier.

The one day we came home and drove on the bluff above where I had fed the cows here.  It was windy and I had fed them below the bluff along the creek so they had some shelter from the biting wind.  Our cows here are not supposed to start calving till mid April, so we are a month away.

Last Thursday night while watching SDSU Jackrabbits play basket ball in the NCAA tournament we got a little snow.  Then it snowed off and on through the night and  we ended up by morning with about an inch of snow.  Ryan over at the ridge got about 2 inches of snow.  It almost melted off but then Friday afternoon and evening it snowed some more.

The other day Tammy got e-mails from two different schools in Rapid City with third grade classes wanting a field trip to the country.  We hate to turn them down so we will probably host the three classes from the one school and Gary Cammack will host the classes from the other school.  Most of these kids have no other contact with the country than this field trip.  It is also a good chance to educate the parents about what we do.  This field trip will not come about till mid May.

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