Sunday, March 31, 2013

starting to farm

Well it warmed up this week.  The agronomist from the local coop came out to do soil samples.  She said this was the hardest soil she had ever tried to drive a probe into.

  After probing three different fields we hope she can come up with some recommendation  of a crop that will grow there.  We did get some snow moisture last week and it rained a few showers on Saturday the 30th March.  All totaled for the month we got 0.23'.  Not too good for one of our wettest months.

So I started trying to chisel this hard ground.  If we do get good moisture at least it will penetrate the soil and go down where plants can use it.

I did get done with this 40 acre field on Friday evening.  We are ready for the predicted moisture that is coming on Saturday.  Saturday we went over to help Ryan tag some calves and move some pairs around.
Tammy hid some eggs for the grandkids to hunt.

Here is one of the calves from a first calf heifer.  She is probably a month old and every day lays on top of this mound in middle of their lot. The first calf heifers are about done as there is only about three left.  The mature cows having just started calving a week ago are moving along and are approaching a third done.

Must be a sign of spring.  We woke up Easter Sunday morning and found a herd of turkeys in our front yard.                
Tammy took this picture out the front picture window.  I have started to water our lawn trying to save the trees and the lawn grass.  I  am watering all the cows and all the sheep with the same pump so the only time to water the lawn is in the evening until we go to bed.

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