Sunday, September 16, 2012

Well we have made it into mid September.  The weather stays hot and dry.  We have decided to sell about one half of the ewes.  We will keep the yearling, twos and threes.  Everything else will go to town.

Tammy and I going through the ewes  marking for age and checking the mouth for good teeth and checking for good bags.  The sheep market has continued to drop.  Ninety pound lambs barely bring $75 a head.  With high feed costs and high fuel costs everything else going up a rough estimate of our costs per ewe would be around $90 per ewe.

Right now our strategy is to sell half the ewes and hold the lambs until later maybe till December or January.  Hopefully by then the market will pick up.

Trucks coming to load out the ewes.  The ewes will be taken to Faith Sale barn to be sorted for age and quality.

Ewes heading up the chute into the truck.  loading went pretty well.  Loaded two trucks in about an hour.

On a brighter note we vaccinated calves with fall shots and took individual weights on the calves.  The weights on the calves were good considering the hot dry summer that they have been through.  Ryan had a good doing bull calf.

This calf weighed 660 pounds.  He was born March 17, 2012.  We had a couple about this size but didn't get a picture.

These calves have been sorted away from their mothers and wait for their trip down the chute to be vaccinated and weighed..

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