Sunday, September 2, 2012

We just got back from the State Fair in Huron last night.  Got to see the Red Angus Show.  Some new people that I haven't seen before.  Got to keep up on who is new.  Tammy spent her time helping give out lamb samples on Thursday then worked in the SD cattle woman's booth promoting beef on Friday.  I spent Friday at a board meeting for SD Farmers Union.  That evening Tammy got to meet some of her SDARL  classmates.  On Saturday Tammy was at the SD Beef Cookoff  by 8:15 in the morning.  They had 9 youth contestants and 9 adult contestants.  Allen and Corey Hockenbary our neighbors (a father and son team) participated in the contest.  Cory placed second.  So congratulations to Corey.

The weather has been hot most of this last week.  Last wednesday  the temperature got to 108 here. Had to keep a close eye on all the pumps.  Got back and went for a ride through the pastures over here this morning.

Don't quite understand what these gals were grazing on in this dry lake bed.  Last year this had a foot of water in it.

Last years grass isn't too great but that's all there is to eat so they have to be content.  That isn't water in the background it's bare ground from a dry water hole.  We have been feeding extra protein in the form of lick barrels for the last month.  We have enough old grass to last us through the fall and early winter grazing by feeding a little extra protein.

Then we went to see the yearling heifers.  Their pasture isn't much better.

Then they got curious and came up to visit.  As they got close they began to worry my dog.  I had a hard time keeping my dog from abandoning the four wheeler so I could take this picture.

Hopefully the weather will start cooling off.  Should finish hauling hay stacks this next week.  Then fix corrals
and get ready to give fall shots to calves.  We have a date to sell calves at the sale barn of Oct 2.  Then we have to figure what to do with lambs.  The lamb market keeps dropping.  The lamb market has dropped  about 70% from last year.  If this coming week is cooler we will work sheep some time. Sort the old ewes off  to sell them.  Then give overeating shots to the lambs.

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