Tuesday, December 20, 2011

early winter

Well the winter has been extremely mild. Snowed a little maybe twice.  Temperatures have been close to 60 degrees some days.  Feeding the cows here just 2 lbs. of cake.  The sheep got their last feed of cake yesterday.  They are through the first cycle with the bucks so most of them are bred.  With the mild weather should be lots of twins.  Getting ready to turn bucks out with the bunch on the ridge about next Monday.  They young cows looked a little on the thin side a month ago, but the mild weather and cake have picked them up and they look good.  We will run out of cake for the cows here at the end of the week so will start feeding hay. Only four months of feeding hay, that should be economical.  We have been working on a pole barn type calf shelter in the corral at the ridge.  It will be used for the heifers calves in March.  A place for calves to be warm and dry.  Will try to get tin to finish the building project next week.

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