Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First snow and cold

By the time it was through snowing Saturday we had about four inches of snow. Then it got coldSaturday night , fluctuating between -8 to 0 . Then back down to -8 where it stayed.  Good thing we had treated the diesel fuel in the tractors.  Number #2 diesel can get cold and jell up in cold usually below 0 degrees.  We treat the fuel with a fuel additive that breaks up the wax in the fuel and allows it to flow in cold weather.  We are filling 26, 5 gallon pails with cake to cake the sheep. 26 is the magic number because 26 pails is all we can find.  Cold weather always makes chores go slower.  You wear more clothes and things just don't work as easy.  Monday we went to the ridge and got the cows in and sorted off the bulls and three old cows that we will sell later and took the rest of the cows to winter quarters for them. They will have some fresh grazing for a while.  we hope we won't have to feed them hay till after Dec. 1.  Christmas time would be better yet to begin feeding hay.  Then we hurried back and got  the sheep in and sorted off a group to keep open for beeding later for May/June lambing and turned bucks out with the rest ,for late April lambing somewhere in these groups are 250 that are already bred for march lambing.  They will be ultrasounded and sorted out next week. It got really nice today 48 degrees , but still have good snow cover.

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