Sunday, December 27, 2015

First cold snap of 2015

This morning was the first cold weather of this winter.  It was 15 below 0 this morning.  So we were a little slower getting started doing chores this morning as we let it warm up some before we went out.  Fortunately the wind was not blowing hardly at all.   The sheep had migrated to the south pasture in the last few days and they had come home to be close.

Christmas day we got several inches of snow.  It made travel a little slow for travelers, but we didn't leave home so all was well.

The cows were waiting to be fed hay.  We just started feeding hay last week.  The weather has been so mild and a lack of snow cover that cows were just grazing and they had protein lick barrels for extra feed.

They all stand lined up so they get the maximum exposure to the sun.  It was probably about 0 degrees by this time.   I led them further down into the pasture to feed the hay.  Some cows had just started coming in as they had been out grazing yesterday and were just now coming in closer.

They all like the hay they get.  The cows are getting about 20 pounds of hay,the rest of their need comes from grazing.  Here they string out eating the windrow of hay from the bale processor.

Last week Marshall "eyed" the ewe lambs.  This is where you shear the wool around the eyes and the top of the head.  So when they are out in the weather they can see after snow storm.  Otherwise the snow and ice can build up in the wool and blind the sheep.

Marshall went to shearing school in Hettinger, North Dakota so he got a chance to improve his skills.  He did a nice job and the lambs hopped and skipped they were so happy to be able to see every direction again.

Have to include my full moon picture from the other night.

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  1. Glad the weather is mild - although Lordy it looks cold to me!