Friday, February 27, 2015

KHAN the new guard dog.

Two weeks ago we got a new guard dog.  He is three quarters Akbash and one quarter Komador.  He is just a pup about eight months old.  He is getting familiar with his new surroundings and getting to know his new sheep.  We have him penned with about thirty lambs.

He is making friends with us.  We feed him milkbones for a treat.  So he comes on the run to get his biscuit.  We can almost pet him but not quite, but it will come as he learns to trust us.

Tammy is making good progress with their friendship.  Maybe she is not as threatening.

Then one day we bedded the barn with straw and set up the calving pens and the small pens for new pairs.

Then Ryan and Shilo had to go to their Beef SD class for two days so we got to babysit for a few days.  So the boys got to help us do chores.  It was nice enough that we got to use  the Kubota to feed cake to the cows.

Neither one, the cow or Kole are sure about this cake eating thing.  But the good thing was getting to drive the Kubota.

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