Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another cold front

Another arctic cold front has descended upon us.  This morning it was -13 degrees. It is supposed to be colder tomorrow morning.  We fed cake to the heifers and the cows were scattered in bunches to be in the shelter and were warming themselves in the sun and didn't care if they came for cake.  Tractor didn't want to start so we went to gather eggs before they froze.  Out of four eggs, three had frozen before we got there.

Then we went to the house while the battery charged on the tractor and the engine heater had a little more time to warm the cold engine.  I tried it in an hour or so and it still didn't want to go.  So back to the house and an early lunch.  After lunch it had warmed to 3 above 0.  Then the tractor finally started.  I guess the battery is just getting weak.

Then I fed hay for the next two hours.  I fed extra bales to everything because of the cold weather and also I fed hay for tomorrow.  The tractor probably won't start and we want to go to the Stock Show in Rapid City.  Thursday is sheep day at the fairgrounds and Red Angus day at the Civic Center.  Tammy is making a ground lamb spread for people to try during the sheep shearing contest.  Last year there were shearers from the surrounding states and Canada.  Some came from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and New York.   It is good to see the many young shearers and some old guys that just want to compete to cross of their bucket list.  There were at least two young women entered last year.

I want to watch the Red Angus show and sale and visit with breeders and meet the new ones.  We used to show down there for around twenty years.  So it is fun to go and watch.

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