Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We spent  the last of the week in Huron at the South Dakota State Fair.  It was over 100 degrees on Thursday.  I watched the Red Angus show that afternoon.  It was hot for the animals but the fans in the beef barn kept the air moving.  Tammy went to help serve lamb spread on a cracker.   The Governor of South Dakota Dennis Daugard stopped by to eat lamb on a cracker and liked it.

Saturday I helped the South Dakota Farmers Union serve a noon meal in a tent on the fair grounds.  We served around 1300 people, for a free will offering going to Make A Wish.  Tammy helped with the beef cook-off. We got home Saturday night and discovered that Peaches our dog had gotten into a porcupine.  She had about fifteen quills in her muzzle.  We tried to hold her down and managed to get 9 quills out, but couldn't get the rest out.  So we took her to a vet on Sunday.

I started cutting sorghum on Monday.  It has grown up quite tall.

The cutting was kind of slow going.  I did get all forty acres done in one day.

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