Saturday, June 8, 2013

The last two weeks of May we got 4.36" of rain.  Everything got soaked up good and we had real mud for the first time in a couple of years.  We had lambs that needed docked and turned out to pasture.  The weather stayed so wet and cool and damp that we just turned them out without being docked.  Something that hasn't happened on this place.  We were down to 4 bales of good sheep hay left when we finally quit feeding.

Here Tammy and I are trying to lead the grandkids through the mud so we can chase ewes and lambs to pasture.

Logan and I chasing pairs through the water and ruts to get to pasture.

Here Ryan and Kole (age 1 yr 6mos) hold the ewes up till they find their lamb.  Or the lamb finds the ewe.  The ewes get on fresh pasture and like to just run and eat fresh grass as fast as they can and forget their lamb.  So Ryan got in front of them and held them up till the lambs found their mothers.

Then on cool day that was dry and was supposed to not rain we got the big bunch of ewes and lambs in and docked them. The kids and neighbor kids are the lamb catchers and the holders hold the lambs while their tails are cut off and casterated.  Then lastly I put our brand on them, which is a big red B on the shoulder.  In this video Tammy is using a Burdizzio to pre-crush the tail to cut down on bleeding of the bigger lambs.


Ryan got his cows syncronized and bred last week .  We moved his cows to summer pasture.  Then today we sorted our cows and put bulls with them and got them taken to summer pastures.  Water is low in all pastures.  One pasture we rent we will have to start pumping water right away.  We are lucky that we don't have to haul water, but still have to go down and start the gas engine and have it pump for and hour.

Normally the water should be up near the trees on the dam dyke.  Where I took the picture from I would be under water.  We do have a hydrant in this pasture, but still needs to be checked, so more daily chores.

Our well on the "gumbo" still continues to add pipelines.  One guy is hooking on this week and two more are talking about hooking on.

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